Officers & Directors

Directors are chosen from the membership by the existing Board members and serve a 3 year term (there are no term limits placed upon Directors).

Officers are chosen from the existing Board, must be a member of the Board for at least 1 year, and serve 1 year terms (President & Vice-President are limited to 3 consecutive terms. Secretary & Treasurer have no term limits).

All directors, officers and members who would like to be considered for a Board appointment must be and remain CAHI members in good standing. Directors seeking an office must sit on the Board for a period of not less than 1 year prior to being elected as an officer unless procedures are followed as outlined in the current By Laws.

Please feel free to contact any director with any questions, concerns, and recommendations.


  • Stan Bajerski  – President
  • Kevin Morey – Vice President
  • Jim Enowitch – Secretary
  • Scott Monforte  – Treasurer 
  • Dan Kristiansen – Director
  • Al Dingfelder– Director
  • Woody Dawson – Director
  • Mike Drouin – Director